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Zinka and Nick

We met our last year of college at the University of Northern Iowa. After just of couple of months of knowing each other, we felt that it was meant to be. Zinka graduated a semester ahead of Nick and started graduate school in Florida. Having to spend six months over a thousand miles away from each other we knew we never wanted to be apart again. Now seven years later we can say that we are truly blessed to have found each other. We are best friends, and life would not be the same without one another. We love and appreciate the little things in life such as taking a walk in the park with our dog Buddy or sitting on the back porch and reminiscing about days past and planning for the future. One of those plans is to travel more and experience and learn about different cultures. We also like to try different foods and restaurants and wish to do more of that through our traveling. In our free time we enjoy spending time with our friends or just a night alone watching movies and eating popcorn. Our families live out of state so we always look forward to visiting them and them visiting us. Both of us are very proud of our parents and the way they raised us, and we are very enthusiastic about starting our own family and instilling the morals into our children that our parents instilled into us.

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Zinka & Nick